How to Pair Food with Wine

Why pair wine with food? Ultimately, it’s for pure enjoyment. Wine is paired with food simply to enhance your dining experience and help compliment the flavors of your dish… but if anyone has ever rigidly told you that "white wine must go with fish" and "red wine must go with meat," we’re here to tell you that the old school, strict “rules" for pairing are bullshit. First and foremost, drink what you like! Most wine will be an enjoyable pair with most food so if you don’t feel like being adventurous in your wine choice, it’s OK to stick to your go-to! If you’re looking to branch out or for a bit more guidance, here are a few of our general tips for pairing:

If your food is sweet, make sure your wine is sweeter. Serving a dessert wine like Port or Sauternes with your dessert will complement and enhance the dish.

🧂 If your food is salty, don’t be afraid to try bolder, more tannic red wines, like Bordeaux or a Cabernet Sauvignon.

🍋 High acid food and high acid wine go hand-in-hand, so try something like Alsatian Riesling paired with a goat cheese salad to make the flavors pop

🥩 If your food is fatty or high in oils, pair with wines that have enough acid to cut through the fat. This can be high acid reds (like a Nebbiolo) or bright whites (like Chablis)

🌶 If your food is spicy, try pairing it with lower alcohol wines that have a touch of sweetness, like German Riesling or this off-dry sparkling rosé

🌎 And lastly, keep in mind that “what grows together, goes together,” (like pairing Italian dishes with Italian wines)

Happy nomming!

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