About us

Our mission

We respect the artisans all over the world who use generations-old traditions to produce wine and design housewares. We support the small and mid-sized vineyards and winemakers who are dedicated to their craft and produce great wines. We bring these practices together and offer them to our local community. Every purchase with VinBohême supports our mission.

What we care about


Curating wines from producers who make small-batch, terroir driven, minimal intervention wines.


Not all great wines are expensive and not all expensive wines are great. We specialize in finding wines that consistently punch above their weight. 


Promoting & highlighting women and BIPOC winemakers


Wine is for everyone. We hope to make wine accessible, approachable and fun. There is no place for pretension or exclusion here.

Meet the team

Roberta Hatchett, Co-Owner & Managing Director

Monique Copeland, Co-Owner and Sommelier