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    Would you like for us to gift wrap your wines? Easy!

    Just add either the 2 or 4 Bottle Gift Box item to your cart and then select any two or four wines you'd like to be gifted. 

    We'll package them up, add holiday appropriate ribbon and even include a personalized gift tag. We'll also take care of delivering them to anyone in the DMV. 

    If you'd like to purchase multiple gift boxes (2 bottle, 4 bottle or both!), just add multiple to your cart and our team will reach out via email to ensure we put the correct wines in the correct boxes :)

    Happy Shopping!

    10 products
    4 Bottle Gift Box
    Rose Creek Wine
    2 Bottle Gift Box
    Rose Creek Wine
    Monthly Wine Club - 3 Bottles
    Rose Creek Wine
    Cabernet Sauvignon 'Love On Mars' Sonoma County 2019
    Pied à Terre
    Lightwell Survey 'Dos Idiots' 2020
    Lightwell Survey
    Monthly Wine Club - 6 Bottles
    Rose Creek Wine
    Quarterly Wine Club - 12 Bottles
    Rose Creek Wine
    "Tipsy" Club - 3 Bottles + 1 Decor
    Bubble Votive Candle
    Hanging Lantern
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