A Walk In The Park Bundle

A Walk In The Park Bundle
A Walk In The Park Bundle
A Walk In The Park Bundle

A Walk In The Park Bundle

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This organic canvas tote is as stylish as it is sustainable, perfect for showing off your boho chic vibe. Our bag features 9” textured handles, a 3" gusseted bottom, and measures 15"x15”. Perfect to hold the softest 100% organic Turkish cotton towel/park blanket/wrap we've ever seen. And in a beautiful boho dusty rose color. Measures 40"x70" and is reversible.

What else would be perfect for your mid-day walk in the park? Ver Juicy, of course! It’s a sparkling rosé from Old Westminster Winery and a delightful blend of verjuice, rosé wine, and sparkling water. Made from pressed unripe grapes, it gives aromas and flavors of orange peel, lemon merengue, mandarin jam, lime zest, and blood orange. And with an 8% ABV, you can sip the day away! The 500 ml size is just a tad bit smaller than your average wine bottle and perfect for throwing in your tote with your Turkish Towel.

Valued at $73 separately and priced at $50 together, get yours today for the next sunny day in the park!

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