Paul Laurent Champagne, Fondatour Brut

Paul Laurent Champagne, Fondatour Brut

Paul Laurent Champagne, Fondatour Brut

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Vines cultivated in soil composed mostly of limestone, clay, sand and marl, this Chardonnay-dominate champagne boast of tropical notes with a creamy round texture. Cuvée du Fondateur Brut is a marriage of finesse, freshness, and delight.

Blended with Pinot Noir 75%, Chardonnay 20%, Pinot Meunier 5%. Aged first in stainless steel pressure vessel tanks then a minimum 15-month tirage. The Brut cuvée has a soft golden color with a delicate and constant stream of bubbles. This cuvée is full of rich aromas of apple pear, honey, citrus, rose, and dried fruit. A predominance of Pinot noir is apparent in the bright, berry fruit aromas and a rich, mouth-filling texture. The Chardonnay lends liveliness and provides a pleasantly long, clean finish. Characteristically known for its fresh, perfumed, and effervescent palate, the Brut is a refreshing choice

Sustainably Produced

Alcohol 12%
Size 750 ML
Pairings Always great to enjoy champagne as an aperitif. It can pair with both the simple and elegant, refined dishes. Our favorite pairing - french fries! 

About the Producer

Established in 1952 in the small village of Bethon, south of Epernay, Champagne Paul Laurent is the result of constant and meticulous care. Gilbert and his wife, Danielle Gruet, founded this independently-owned business with the intention to share their family’s passion with others. Today, the third generation is carrying on their grandparent’s dream of producing consistently delicious champagne. Crafted eco-responsibly and sustainably, all cuvées are a reflection of the family itself – simple, authentic, and the result of love. 

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